Safe, up-to-date, central and digital Transaction Management with PMJL

You are owner of a property facing the challenge to document all relevant data? We straighten up and ensure a clean object documentation!

Share deal or asset deal, blue prints or contracts, tenant or service provider, utilities or procuring building approval… everything will be filed correctly.

We set up an individual data concept on the basis of the presented documents which illustrates all aspects and takes the existing particularities of the object into account. So that your documents can be easily accessed and get archived systematically.

We evaluate your files both ways: professionally and structurally and process them digitally. Our data system has been developed specifically for the Transaction Management; it provides a clearly arranged documentation directory. All relevant data is summarized and accessible for all interested parties.

This way an electronic index structurally displaying complex projects evolves from uncountable paper files. Transactions can be processed quicker, more cost-effective and unmistakable.


With us all services concerning Transaction Management are obtained from a single source. We employ an experienced, multilingual team with expert knowledge of all kinds of properties. That allows us to assess and classify documents from a variety of different project types according to their objective, historical and economical meaning.